Conan Exiles Server: PvE-C (GTX-Gaming) Server Settings & Rules [OPEN]

» In here you find information about our Conan server
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Conan Exiles Server: PvE-C (GTX-Gaming) Server Settings & Rules [OPEN]

Post by 8ody8ag » Wed May 23, 2018 11:53 am

Heads Up!

Welcome to our Conan Exiles server that was brought online 2017. Last wipe was Dec. 16th, 2019.
Server auto restart by schedule every 12th hour at 11:00 and 23:00 UTC+2 with a 5 min popup warning.
Also, GTX Gaming always do security updates on Friday mornings at 06:00 UTC+2 (takes a few minutes)
Avatar & Raid is off! The Purge has no time restrictions, is set to weekdays and weekends 24/7!

Remember that this server runs on player donations, and will get suspended if we dont help out!

Server Name: [SWE/EU] - All x2 - Wiped 12.16
Server Location: Stockholm/Sweden
Server Address:
Server Port: 7777
Player Slots: 50 (70 if needed)
Password: No
Events: Gladiator Arena at Sinkhole
Stats: GameTracker or Battlemetrics
Vote: TopConanServers
Unban: Click here!
Donation €: Click here or use Paypal or Swish to (+46) 0768432999.
Host: GTX-Gaming
Admins: 8ody8ag & Nyxelle
AntiCheat: VAC & BattlEye
Restarts: Every 12th hour at 11:00 and 23:00 (UTC+2)
Version: Auto update on restart
Teamspeak 3: (pw: snus)
Discord: (Membership for #access)
Conan Exiles Help: The Interactive Map & Conan Exiles Wiki


Building Abandonment: Enable
Building Decay Time Multiplier: 0.2
Player Structures: Indestructible
PvP Building Damage: False
Avatar Summoning: False
Avatar Life Time: False
Avatar Summon Time: False
Public Maprooms: False
The Purge: Enable (No time restrictions)
Purge minimum players to start: 1
Restrict Purge Time: False
Purge lvl: 4th Level
Purge per day: 24 (max)
Purge Preparation Time: 10
Purge Duration: 30
Allow building during Purge: False
Combat Mode: PvE-C (Player vs. Environment - Conflict)
Community: Relaxed
Region: EU (Europe)
Clan Max Size: 6
Nudity: 2 (Full)
Weather: All on
Iteam Spoil Rate: 0.3
NPC Damage to Player: 1.2
NPC Respawn: 0.5
NPC Knockback: 1.1
Resource Respawn: 2.0
Gathering: 2.0
Experience: 2.0
Fuel Burn: 2.0
Thrall Conversion: 1.0
Durability Multiplier: 0.1
Crafting Speed: Very fast
Iteam Spoil Rate Scale: 0.3
Stamina Cost Multiplier: 0.5
Day Time Speed: 0.2 (~3 hours)
Night Time Speed: 0.8 (~20 minutes)
Dawn to Dusk Speed: 0.1 (Realistic)
Max Allowed Ping: 140


• Use english language in global chat. Updated 2018.04.15
In need of other languages, use guild/clan or local chat in-game (press - or *)

• 1 Mainbase, 2 outposts and 2 vaults per clan/solo player. Updated 2019.01.17
As soon you put out foundations with walls etc. it's classified as a building. Your mainbase is where you and your clan mates have your working stations, beds and storage, the heart of your imperium, you can have 1 of those per clan or solo player. As soon you build-in your fishing traps, wheel of pain or what ever, it's classified as an outpost, you can have 2 of those and totaly 2 vaults per clan or solo player.

• Mainbase and outpost claim size. Updated 2019.12.16
Your mainbase claim shall not be larger then 45x45 in foundations. You are allowed to have more then one building within the claim, as long you keep inside the 45x45 frame.

• Total 20 active pets, mounts and standing thralls per clan/solo player. Updated 2019.12.16
You are only allowed to have a total amount of maximum 20 pets, mounts and and standing thralls (entertainer, archer, guards etc.) active at the same time, per clan or solo player.

• Never knock-out more npc's then needed. Updated 2019.09.11
It's not allowed to systematically knock-out large amounts of npc's and leave'em unconscious. A knocked-out npc stays unconscious for 25-30min, and server only restarts every 12th hour. By doing this you'll destroy for other players on the server, this will lead to a permanent ban without warning.

• Always remove your old buildings and ruins. Updated 2018.04.15
Never leave your old base behind, it still counting. If an admin finds out that you own more buildings then allowed, you have a big risk to get banned from the server. Always remove old bases/ruins Before building a new one. If it's to big or you dont have the energi to take it down your self, ask an admin to help you out. If an admin removes your base on your demand, you'll NOT get your % of building material back.

• Dont claim more land areas than necessary. Updated 2019.02.05
Mass claiming is a big no-no on this server. Dont spread out foundations or your pets etc, like a nutcase all over the map, stick to the rule about mainbase, outpost and vaults. Also, avoid leaving your pets far away from your base claimed areas due they also claim the ground they stands on. If you build hunt towers or temporary covers etc, always remove'em directly after you're done, dont leave left overs!

• Never block, build on or cage-in any kind of POI. Updated 2019.04.14
POI stands for "point of interest" and in this case about legendary chests, named thralls or boss spawns. Also, places in the game that are important for the story line or player progress. Always investigate the area you build in so you dont block or build-in any POI. This is also for your own good to avoid getting your base removed or banned from server by admin.

• Never steal from Updated 2019.03.10
Our admin clan is named A building, container or iteam with this name is admin/event related, and shall not be raided, damaged, destroyed or stolen from. A player ignoring this rule will be insta, permanent banned from the server!

• Totaly prohibited to logout over encumbered. Updated 2018.05.26 (Ignore in PvE-C)
Use storage in your base, in form of vault, cheasts and so on. DONT logout with everything you own in your characters inventory, if it makes you over encumbered! If an admin find out that a player have logout with over 99% in encumberence it will result in immediate permanent ban from the server.

• No toxic, racism, sexism or bullying in chat. Updated 2018.06.20
Obviously, need no explanation.

• No exploiting bugs, glitches or bad behavior. Updated 2018.04.15
Everyone can get stuck in a glitch or find a bug, report to admin. But never use a bug or glitch for your own or clans advantage. No floating buildings, glitch bases or using well known bugs while fighting etc. This is counted as exploiting/cheating and will result in immediate permanent ban from the server.

• No recruitment or concluding advertising. Updated 2018.06.20
Obviously, need no explanation.

• Respect other players/admins at all cause. Updated 2018.04.15
Obviously, need no explanation.

• Breaking the rules can results in a permanently ban! Updated 2018.04.24
Everyone can make a misstake, but a honest misstake shouldn't happend twice. If you read the rules, ask if you dont know or call for an admin to show you and explain, then misstakes like breaking the rules wouldn't happend at all. Normaly it ends up with a simple warning or a ban for 15-30 days, most players got the message by then. In worst case, a permanently ban from the server. Always read and follow the rules! If you see an update in the MOTD popup on the server, head over here at the forum and read it all. The rules are here to make the gameplay better for all of us.